2021 Donors

List of Donors as of February 16th, 2021*

Patrons ($1000-2499)

Silver Patron ($1,000-$2,499)

Erica and Chad Zubriski

Hope Patrons ($500 - $999)

Ashley and John Adelman

Cathy and James Bennett

Bruce Berthelsen

Laura and Rob Cruser

Ruchi and Manish Dave
Sue and Dave Frankiewicz

Joyce and Larry Mays
Carolyn and Walter Terry

Tina and Tom Tromiczak

Platinum Patron ($10,000+)

Chuck Schneider

Gold Patron ($5000-$9,999)

Betsy and Rod Odom
Douglas Ross

Ruby Patron ($2,500-$4,999)

Eileen and Gary Balsam

Judy and John Bardis
Bridget and Bruce Barfield
Cathy and Glen Bradley
Joyce and Vince Connolly
Melissa Dickens
Beth and Jack Hausmann
Marianne and Wini Johnson-Rank
Alexandra Steele and Douglas Kaye
Vallee and Robert Ohayon

Lynn and Rick Schultz

Halina and Aleksander Szlam

Silver Patron ($1,000-$2,499)

Tricia and Mike Bennett

Bruce Berthelsen
Catherine and Tom Borbone
Kayc Carper
Liliana and Vern Chalfant
Nancy and Walt Coleman

Mary and Lance Cunha
Melissa and Bud Denker
Janet and Jim DiBenedetto

Joe and Stephanie DiPietro

Sandy and James Dixon

Jennifer and Gary Gabriel
Kim and John Gehrhardt
Alexis and David Ginn

Kristin and Thomas Golub
Susie and Michael Greenberg
Patty and DR Grimes
Diane Johnson

Marjorie and Michael Keith
Diane and Mike Koehler
Jacqueline and Keith Large
Lani and Richard Lusk
Salli LeVan and Michael Steck
Stephanie and Dan Moody

Judy and Bob Murphy
Louise O'Neill
Carol and Van Page

Yara Parada State Farm Agency
Jen and Mike Passilla
Tracy and Mike Reidenbach

Catherine and Charles Rice
Irma Rodriguez and Fred Fernandez

Beth and John Scarbrough
Pat and Mark Seal
Bob Thomas
LuAnn and Tom Via

Waneta and Patrick Woodard
Jenny and John Yuhaschek
Erica and Chad Zubriski


Hope Patrons ($500 - $999)

Ashley and John Adelman

Suzanne and Dennis Antinori

Mary Baird and David Nelson
Natalie and Richard Bendure
Pam and Larry Buckley
Sandie and Craig Cappai

Suzanne Carpenter

Susan Carroll
Janet Chorkey
Heidi Cohen-Brugliera and Gary Brugliera
Carolyn and Bill Connors
Peggy and Paul Connors
Lynda and Gene Conway
Cherlyn and Neal Corbett
Maria and Derek Curtis
Stephanie and Gary Dennis

Judy and Joe Dunay
Karen and Barry Elson
Christine and George Fey
Barbara Flandreau
Susan and David Frankiewicz
Susan and Lance Friedland
Pam and Peter Gebhardt
Jennifer and Dan Getzewich
Donna and Guy Gill
Lynn and JP Gingras
Cheryl and Mike Henos
Marcy and Paul Hirshberg
June and Bud Hodge
Elaine and Peter Johns
Whitney and Hugh Kaplan
Mary Lyn and J.B. Kurish
Stephanie and Steve Latham
Gary Lee

Sylvia and Michael Lundberg
Lynne and Gene Magurno
Sandra and Patrick Marshall
Julie Maurer
Joyce and Larry Mays
Jennifer and Barry Meyrowitz
Konni and Jon Minter
Donna and Wes Mize
Monica and Ric Murray

Vanessa Nguyen and Frank Van

Tracie and Jeff Nolde
Venita and Robert O'Connor
Lori and Larry Payne
Kim and James Poole

Joy and Bill Prettyman
Zamira and John Rasper
Megan and Bob Ross
Debbie and Glen Rubin
Sandra and Dennis Sands

Suzanne and Richard Schultze
Kim and Chris Schweitzer

Pam and Bryant Scott
Nancy and Harold Shumate

Rosemarie and Bob Slater
Kathy and Scott Solomon
Kristen and Trent Speckhals
Pam and Kent Starke
Barbara and Scott Stevens
Shelley and Dale Stortz

Carolyn and Walt Terry
Heather and Scott Trotter
Lissa and Johnathan Webber
Rhonda and Russ Welch
Karen and Marvin Whaley
Leslie and Jeff Wilks

Kathy and Ed Young

Members ($100-$499)

Patrons ($1000-2499)

2020 Donors

Members ($100-$499)

Cathy and James Bennett

Susan and Harold Booth

Becky and Roger Brown

Ginger Bryant

Lisa and Tom Chambers

Ann Chapman

Pam and Bill Curtice

Cindy and Robert Falanga

Jane and Gary Fershko-Taylor
Amy and Ed Foye
Juli and Greg Gibson
Deirdre and Ken Greenfield

Donna Gulezian

Elsie and Grant Hocking

Kathy and Rob Hoddeson

Cathy and Bill Johnston
Kelly Keeter
Teresa and Terry Kinskey
Ernest Koegl

Susan and Michael Luciani

Maureen and Ken Luke

Erin and Brian McCarthy
Marie and Oscar Orsorio

Jenny Ross

Judith and Jan Rowell
Ann and Jessie Seidman

Eileen and Mark Sharitz

Stephanie and Andrew Shearer

Andrea and Ken Shelton
Denise Templeton

Marie and Bob Wood

Joan and Michael Wrigley

Jean and Bruce Wu

*The Charity Guild’s fiscal year annually runs January 1 through December 31

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