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2024 Donors

List of Donors as of Feb 7, 2024*

Patrons ($500+)

Silver Patron ($1,000-$2,499)

Issure Chen

Jennifer and Gary Gabriel

Susie and Michael Greenberg

Joyce and Larry Mays

Marissa Pendegraft

Kathy and Scott Solomon

Hope ($500-$999)

Lynn and JP Gingras

Louise O’Neill

Heather and Tim Perry

Stacey and Mo Ramani

Brian Rohner

Dee and Jay Vallee

Leslie and Jeff Wilks

Members ($100-$499)

Jennifer and Nate Browne

Gail and Gary Dowling

Susan and Ted Glahn

Sharon and Rob Glazier

Zaquis and Zachary Ross

Nicole and John Schweizer

Stuart Voigts

2023 Donors

List of Donors as of Dec 31, 2023*

Patrons ($500+)

Diamond Patron ($10,000+)

Teresa and Terry Kinskey

Chuck Schneider

Suzanne and Richard Schultz

Gold Patron ($5,000-$9,999)

Cathy and Glen Bradley

Melissa and Bud Denker

Melissa Dickens

Kristin and Tom Golub

Marianne and Winfried Johnson-Rank

Catherine and Charles Rice

Douglas Ross


Ruby Patron ($2,500-$4,999)

Judy and John Bardis

Julia and David DeCook

Stephanie and Joseph DiPietro

Tracie and Jeff Nolde

Betsy and Rod Odom

Halina and Aleksander Szlam

Silver Patron ($1,000-$2,499)

Jan and Bruce Alonso

Bridget and Bruce Barfield

Bruce Berthelsen

Catherine and Tom Borbone

Joyce and Vince Connolly

Malia Crane

Mary and Lance Cunha

Ruchi and Manish Dave

Geri and Gary Eubanks

Sue and David Frankiewicz

Susan and Lance Friedland

Jennifer and Gary Gabriel

Ken Gary

Alexis Ginn

Susie and Michael Greenberg

Kristin and Brian Harms

Beth and Jack Hausmann

Candace and Todd Hickman

Tracy and Allen Hobbs

Elaine and Peter Johns

Marjorie and Michael Keith

Diane and Mike Koehler

Lani and Richard Lusk

Melinda and Don Marshall

Joyce and Larry Mays

Dawn and Dale Marx

Justin Mennen

Jen and Barry Meyrowitz

Bonnie and Ty Miller

Konni and Jon Minter

Stephanie and Dan Moody

Judy and Bob Murphy

Carol and Van Page

Jen and Mike Passilla

Lori and Larry Payne

Tracy and Michael Reidenbach

Irma Rodriguez and Fred Fernandez

Pam and Bryan Scott

Pat and Mark Seal

Barbara and Scott Stevens

Louise and William Tallman

LuAnn and Tom Via

Rhonda and Russe Welch

Waneta and Pat Woodard

Erica and Chad Zubriski

Hope Patrons ($500 - $999)

Betty Wolf and LeRoy Anderson

Suzanne and Dennis Antinori

Tricia and Mike Bennett

Cynthia and Robert Bowers

Heidi and Gary Brugliera

Pam and Larry Buckley

Jim Callahan

Sandie and Craig Cappai

Lisa and Tom Chambers

Ann Chapman

Issure Chen

Nancy and Walter Coleman

Cherlyn and Neal Corbett

Sally and Todd Cutler

Stephanie and Gary Dennis

Judith Scarborough and Joseph Dunay

Natalie and Dirk DuToit

Christine and George Fey

Kristine and Phil Finkle

Pam and Pete Gebhardt

Patrice and Natacha Gerard

Donna and Guy Gill

Tobey and Ed Gray

Marcy and Paul Hirshberg

Sherri and Joseph Holihan

Kerri and Brian Holmes

Whitney and Hugh Kaplan

Ryann and Scott Kennedy

Gol and Clint Kimbrell

Nicole and Tony Kozycki

Mary Lyn and JB Kurish

Jacqueline and Keith Large

Jill and Richard Levine

Sylvia and Mike Lundberg

Julie Maurer

Lynne and Gene Magurno

Sandra and Patrick Marshall

Yvette and Tony Mendez-Norwood

Donna and Wes Mize

Monica and Ric Murray

Mrs. Vanessa and Mr. Frank Nguyen

Lauren and Sean Nelson

Venita and Robert O'Connor

Yara Parada-Aguirre

Linda and Charles Phillips

Joy and Bill Prettyman

Stacey and Mo Ramani

Zamira and John Rasper

Joseph Riccardo

Brian Rohner

Megan and Bob Ross

Debbie and Glen Rubin

Sandra and Dennis Sands

Beth and John Scarbrough

Lynn and Rick Schultz

Eileen and Mark Sharitz

Stephanie and Andrew Shearer

Andrea and Ken Shelton

Kathy and Scott Solomon

Kristin and Trent Speckhals

Jay Srinivasiah

Pam and Kent Starke

Salli LeVan and Michael Steck

Shelley and Dale Stortz

Jennifer and Graham Stroman

Denise Templeton

Carolyn and Walter Terry
Suzanne and Robert Thomas

Anne and Al Tiano

Andrew Tichenor

Tina and Thomas Tromiczak

Karen and Mark Whaley

Members ($100-$499)

Angela Raughley

Carla and Curtis Barton

Susan Sullivan and Doug Bank

Andee and Jeff Blauser

Ann Marie and Chris Cassidy

The Community Foundation

Caroline and Ron Cruz

Pam and Bill Curtice

Pamela DeRitis

Deirdre and Ken Greenfield

Isla Jones

David Johnson

Carla and Grantley Joseph

Phyllis Keenan

Lauren Kermani

Susan and Michael Luciani

Erin and Brian McCarthy

Neal Miller

Jane and John Patneau

Lisa Patton

Sarah Patton

Joan Postell

Bridget and David Rickey

Nancy and Marlon Rhine

Kim and Chris Schweitzer

Paulette Simpson

Rosemarie and Robert Slater

Holly and Rami Suleiman

Jane Fershko-Taylor and Gary Taylor

Marie and Bob Wood

Pam and David Yealy

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