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Make a Tribute
For Someone Special

If you have already made your donation this year, or if you donate $100 or more, your Tribute may be displayed on the website.  It will also be posted in the Residents' Review (For June publication the Tribute must be received by May 10 and for July publication by June 10.)

Tribute info can include:

  • Donor Name

  • Name of Recipient

  • Choose type of tribute such as Happy Birthday, Happy Graduation, Happy Mother’s or Father’s Day, in Loving Memory, etc.


Enter Tribute info when you make your donation online or include with check in the mail. 

Include tribute information on donations link on website.
Or mail a check with tribute info to:
CCS Charity Guild
3000 Old Alabama Road
Suite 119-345
Johns Creek, GA 30022

If you already donated in 2020, we would love to include your Tribute now.  Please email info to Lynn Schultz

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