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Grant Applications

2021 Grant Applications
Application Links for 2021 Small Grants ($5,000 or less)

The 2021, grant application process will launch on November 1.

In 2021, the Guild will fund six charities for $25,000 each and three charities for $5,000 each. Any local charity that meets the established criteria is invited to apply for funding. Charities that have applied for funding in the past will be notified by the Guild of the impending launch date. If you are a nonprofit that would like to apply for funding, please send an email to VP of Charities to be sure you’re on our contact list.

The application will be available on our website November 1. Please note that only the first 15 qualified and completed applications for large grants ($25,000) and the first 9 qualified and completed applications for small grants ($5,000) will be considered on the voting ballot. Thus, interested charities should plan to submit their applications as soon as possible, beginning November 1.

Once the applications have been vetted by the Charity Guild Board, an informational ballot will be conveyed to the Guild Membership. Only current members of the Guild (those who have donated a minimum of $100 in 2020) will be eligible to vote to select the charities that will receive funding in 2021. Ballots will be e-mailed out to members at the end of January 2021 and selected charities will be announced in February 2021.

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